The JackRabbit
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The Jack Rabbit Carpet Puller

The JackRabbit carpet puller is designed for the most difficult lifts. A few years ago the glue manufacturers changed the compounds in the adhesives to prevent eventual breakdown and crystallization. Glue-down carpet removal is getting more difficult.

Not so with The JackRabbit! Forget pulling 2 or 3 inch wide strips by hand, when you can pull 4 feet with The JackRabbit. At a fraction of the cost of mechanical pullers, the all steel unit weighs less than 20lbs. Great for areas where noise may be a problem, like hospitals or nursing homes. The JackRabbit is built to last, we guarantee it forever! That's right, a lifetime warranty! We also carry a 100% satisfaction guarantee, if you're not satisfied, return for a full refund. It's so portable you can keep it in your truck forever. On average The JackRabbit can take up 75-100 yards per hour utilizing leverage and a 3/4 drive ratchet system in a one man operation.

The JackRabbit an affordable way to pull up a glue-down!
Call a distributor in your area or call Marizzaldi Manufacturing & Development for more information at 412-207-7096.
The JackRabbit

Made in the USA

Watch the JackRabbit in action.

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